Car wash banknote dispensers are specially designed for unattended use. The devices automatically change inserted banknotes into coins and tokens. The receipt will be printed to confirm the operation.

Dispenser is equipped with:

  • high-quality banknote reader
  • hoppers for 3 different denominations (coins and tokens)
  • high-performance thermal printer
  • stable electronic controller
  • stainless steel housing for increased security
  • air recirculation system


  • options for issuing 3 different denominations of coins
  • capacity of up to 2 500 coins
  • industrial high-quality printer to print receipts
  • banknote reader uses the latest technology that efficiently return the fakes
  • reliable and robust stainless steel housing provides security at the highest level
  • the coffer is decorated with LED technology to attract customers and provide aesthetic appearance
  • electronics driver is the source of many statistics, there are undeletable memory operation that operate when there is a power cut
  • option of using non-cash system key clip
  • easy operation and maintenance, reliable in operation
  • modern design and low operating costs

Our device can be equipped with:

  • NRI electronic coin mechanism to the issuance of the rest of Currenza c2
  • electronic NRI coin validator G 13.mft
  • the printer
  • the non-cash NRI Currenza Clip – MDB system technology

Banknote reader comprises:

  • electronic identification with the return of fake notes
  • the toner for notes with a capacity of 300 units
  • changing the currency – electronic programming

The hoppers:

  • 3 hoppers for coins with a capacity of up to 850 pieces/each
  • change currency – mechanical