We have a range of liquid dispensers on offer to maximize the user experience.

The equipment may be used for degreasing spray, tire blackening or as a filler for washer fluids.

This allows the end user to purchase the fluid they want without having to store the remaining amount of liquid in plastic container in the trunk of a car.

Liquid dispenser offers increase the attractiveness of gas stations, diagnostic stations, car wash facilities and car workshops.

The device is equipped with:

  • a pump
  • stainless steel container, that has powder painted galvanized steel side panels
  • microprocessor driver with the latest software
  • coin dispenser
  • aura spray gun
  • secure coin tank
  • set of screws for anchoring

Optional extras:

  • wi-fi telemetry system – remote control on device parameters
  • software to operate the remote distribution network
  • payment by credit card, pay pass, phone, loyalty card or key
  • expanded coin tank
  • an additional pump for filling the tank from the outer container with the controller
  • external grinding system (external pump, controller, fluid level sensor, solenoid valve, power supply)