Who is MTECH

Reliable business partner
If you are looking for a reliable business partner for your car wash business, then look no further. MTech car wash systems use technology that have been successfully used on the European, Asian and American markets for more than 40 years. MTech itself has been operating on the market since 2010 and have supplied over 500 various machines in the Baltic region. We are constantly developing and improving our technologies to operate on extremely challenging markets with the highest reliability requirements such as Russian Federation among others. MTech is also operating in the vending industry and has built many innovative solutions into its car washer units, including a platform for the owners to manage one or more units remotely, an innovative loyalty system and a car wash user interface that allows full control over the car wash expenses.

We offer finalized ready to use packages and guarantee full service during and after the sale:

  • Consultations on the car washing systems and additional features
  • Expenses, turnover and profit calculations and analysis
  • Assistance in finding perfect investment opportunities
  • Assistance in applying for the planning permit for the building
  • Full documentation and design for the building
  • Ongoing maintenance – we stand by every step of the way
  • Warranty and after-warranty services
  • Proposals on further investments to increase your profit

The company is made up of only qualified specialists with many years of experience in the industry. We are facing the highest demands. The success of our customers is our success.


The company has many years of experience in vending equipment market, offering unconventional approach which will distinguish your car wash from others.


Every day we try to improve our products and technological solutions. When implementing projects, we take care of every detail. In our work there is no compromise in terms of the “Your product is as good as its weakest link”. One of the factors that has verified the reliability of our products is the harsh Russian winter.

Optimal price

We are not looking for the cheapest solution because the investment in a car wash is an investment for years. We are aware, however, that the car wash market in Poland is quite saturated, hence there is a risk of overinvestment. We always try to find an optimal and cost-effective solution for our customers.