Automatic rollovers are compact machines equipped with different washing and drying systems such as brushes, water jets, wheel-wash, etc. Users drive their vehicle into the wash bay, turn the engine off, engage the handbrake, and the machine moves back and forth in a number of passes based on the program selected until the vehicle is totally washed and dried.

Automatic Rollovers supplied by Mtech have been designed to surpass expectations. Features of automatic rollovers:





Washing capacity is up to 20-30 cars per hour. Perfect for gas stations or rental cars.





Boost your car wash sales. Earn up to +30% to from CW bay.





Reduce your consumptions. Average water and chemicals expenditure is 10% lower comparing with self-service car wash.





Comfortable for use in winter, thanks to the in room installation and drying feature.

Discover all the advantages of the different models: