Self-service car washes of our production are characterized by a rich base version, extensive payment systems, innovative loyalty systems, excellent design, top components and a wide range of additional options.

Our aim was – obtain the carwash quality that does stand up to professional carwashes where cars are hand-washed. And we succeeded! High precision design and computerized management system (PLC) in combination with car chemicals direct spraying system allows obtaining the highest car washing quality.


Demand of the clients for the services are essential in any kind of business. Self-service M-Tech creates an environment that is favourable for investments. High demand for the carwash services in the urban environment justifies the investments.





High capacity of carwash – up to 800 cars per 24 hours





Accessible price for any client – from 2 to 8 EUR





Extra special transport flow (taxis, buses and trucks)





Clean car – clean city


We use only liquid detergent application technology with the following advantages:

RAPID EFFECT – You do not have to wait extra time while it starts to act. 7 STEP cleansing agents of the detergents penetrate deeply into the dirt, therefore reaction begins already from the first seconds after application.

RINSING WITHOUT STAINS  – Washing programs allow to process car with products that repulse water and dirt to maintain clean car for longer.

SPECIAL PROGRAM FOR WASHING OF DISCS – Allows to effectively clean surface from ingrained residues and dirt.

SPECIAL FOAM FUNCTION – Using special air dosing and intake technology our Foam program achieves outstanding visual and washing effects.

Look at the options: