With Model 4HWD300, all the advantages and options of the Drive Through systems come standard, which makes it the perfect machine for all types of bus fleets with washing capacity of 25 vehicles per hour.

The standard machine includes a rinsing arch and four vertical brushes spinning in opposite directions for better results. The shampoo dosing pump and the electrical cabinet are built into one of the columns.

It includes a practical command post to control the manual movement of brushes, an emergency stop button, several activation possibilities for the optional extras, and mirror-avoidance functions.





Premium washing quality





Capacity up to 25 vehicles per hour





Up to 50% lower water and waste consumption in comparison with contactless HP


  • Split front brushes
  • Horizontal brush
  • Speed detection


  • Rinsing arch with wax
  • Integrated under chassis wash, 20 bar [290Psi]
  • Exit traffic light to indicate rear wash
  • Soft starters for brush spin
  • Basic control screen
  • Demineraliser unit
  • Recycler unit