The ability to manage your whole car wash establishment via the Car Wash Manager system is a unique solution that allows you to control your business regardless of where you are, provided you have an access to the internet. We find it being the best solution for the investors with 2+ car wash facilities, because it gives you the freedom to control everything from one place and on the go.

This Car Wash Manager enables to:

  • follow all the processes taking place in the car wash facilities
  • receive automated notifications
  • control the operations of the machine as well as the car wash staff.

Statistics available:

  • income data from each car wash and individual positions
  • working time and usage of individual programs
  • telemetry data.

Automated notifications available:

  • extensive loyalty system, discounting, cashback calculation, etc.
  • the ability to monitor the main car wash nodes
  • error notifications
  • remote recharge of loyalty cards
  • ability to track revenue and expenses
  • financial statistics for one or more car wash, car wash ranking
  • financial reports by type of payment (cash, cashless, loyalty, service)
  • data set in graphical form
  • available from mobile phone


These features will give you more freedom and you do not have to visit the car washing facilities directly to manage them.