T-Power washing system will introduce you to the most innovative dirt removal method that is different from your usual “active chemistry”. The foam is being dispensed under low pressure, so the profitability of this function is much higher than the high-pressure chemical dosing. Its unique composition and volumetric application saves the washing time and removes dirt more efficiently. This technology will enable you to wash a truck at the price of a car.

The T-Power washing system comprises:

  • unique composition of chemistry
  • a separate gun to apply T-Power foam
  • volume application that allows full coverage


  • So, what is the difference between conventional chemistry and T-Power? The latter has more aggressive composition. It is recommended for rough surfaces and foam-type feeding for bulk application.
  • Why is foam being used? Firstly, T-Power does not react with rough surfaces until it is being mixed with air, so foam composition is delaying the reaction as needed. Secondly, the surface area of the foam is much larger, so the time spent covering a car body is reduced.
  • Do I have to wait until the foam drains? Keep the foam on the surface for at least 1 minute. It is very important to not to allow it to dry. If you follow the instructions and apply the foam evenly, you do not need to wait long.
  • Can I wash cars using T-Power? The new formula is a good match for both cars and trucks. However, do not forget about the precaution: do not leave the chemistry on the body for more than 1 minute. Increasing the time span over the minute leads to tarnishing of the paint and chrome parts.

T-Power is a new formula for cleanliness!