In our car wash we use components of the world’s best manufacturers. Components are carefully selected and tested by our engineers to ensure optimum and trouble-free operation.

CAT PUMPS  or nearly 50 years, Cat Pumps has offered the most dependable positive displacement high-pressure triplex pumps available. Designed and built to the highest quality standards, customers count on Cat Pumps products to keep their equipment running. Every design detail of Cat Pumps products is optimized for long-life and reliable performance, making Cat Pumps the most trusted name in high-pressure pumps and systems.

DOSATRON Proportional DOSATRON dispensers provide precise dosing of the preparation, substance and mixing with water. Device connected to the water supply network, whose only driving force is the water pressure. Under its influence, the mechanism sucks the compacted formulation, dispenses a certain proportion, and then mixes the preparation with water. The solution thus obtained is forwarded. The dosed value of the injected formulation is always proportional to the amount of water flowing through Dosatron, irrespective of the change in water flow rate or its network pressure.

R+M SUTNER R+M / Suttner is the worldwide leading supplier of professional cleaning technology Made in Germany. Supported by more than 50 years of experience and know-how R+M / Suttner develops and produces high quality components, spare parts and accessories for high pressure cleaner and industrial vacuum cleaner.

ACV As a leading designer and manufacturer of hot water generation systems, ACV offers unparalleled expertise in engineering optimised solutions.

At ACV we specialise in stainless steel. For 40 years, this material, which resists corrosion of the most aggressive water, has given our products an exceptional lifetime with minimal maintenance. ACV boilers feature unmatched hot water consumption.
Total condensation: condensation in both heating and hot water production.
Hot water tank “tank in the tank”.
Self-cleaning stainless steel heat exchanger.

WH BERLIN The wh Münzprüfer Berlin GmbH always offers the right solution, whether its payments by coins, notes or cashless. The product portfolio includes electronic coin validators in various designs, as well as a wide range of assemblies for the automation industry, such as, for example, coin intersections, electronic insertion locks, PC interfaces, money changers, hoppers or coin accelerators.

NAYAX The Nayax solution for vending and unattended automated machines includes cashless payments options, an advanced telemetry system, and a real-time data management suite to let you follow your business as it happens.